Waldo’s Friends is an online store and platform that enables everyday people to create an impact through animal rescue shelters. We do this through ethically produced goods that you can enjoy, our rescue shelter directory, and soon-to-launch rescue alerts so you can support animals where and when it matters the most.

We work with a mix of independent designers, writers, agencies and product partners across the world to deliver content, products, animal shelter information, and alert systems.

We understand that animal rescue isn’t about just one thing. It’s a close collaboration between communities working together to solve animal cruelty issues through donations, volunteer work, foster care, and adoption. Join us as we address issues specific to this animal rescue ecosystem.

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We prepare your orders from Sydney, Australia and ship within one business day after your order is placed. This means that if you have any questions about your orders or last minute address changes within 24 hours of placing it during weekdays or weekends, we’re ready and waiting to help.

It’s unlikely but in case something goes wrong with your order, we will contact you immediately. We ship locally across Australia, and globally to most major cities and towns. Every order – no matter how big or small – comes with tracking so you’ll know exactly when your order will arrive.

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We’re excited to offer a launch discount to our new customers! Take 30% off on us at checkout, when you sign up to create an account. Simply add the code WALDOLOVESYOU and your cart will update to include the discount.

Find out how we support animal shelters

Local animal shelters protect and re-home our furry friends and they need our support. Waldo’s Friends is committed to contribute 10% off each product’s retail price to animal shelters trying to raise funds for facilities and initiatives.
If you’d like to get involved, write to us: contact@waldosfriends.com.

“Saving one dog will not change the world. But surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” – Karen Davison

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