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Why is my cat always hungry? (We share 7 reasons!)

Whether they’re active kittens or full grown adult cats, cats must consume food regularly to survive and thrive. They need about 24 to 35 calories a day per pound to keep them within their normal weight range. These calories are spread out into smaller meals that sustain them throughout the day. (In fact, a few Read More...

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How often should I shower my cat? (5 factors to consider)

It’s a myth that cats hate water. If they grew up being exposed to water early and having positive experiences with it, they will most likely tolerate bathing sessions at home. What most cats dislike about showering is the uncomfortable feeling they get when their fur gets wet. It takes some time for their fur Read More...

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Should I get a self-cleaning litter box for my cat?

Cat parenting has its ups and downs. Though owners are rewarded with having cuddly companions for life, a drawback is constantly needing to provide for these four-legged creatures. Grooming them, playing with them (try making cat-approved DIY toys), and giving them nourishing food are just some of the things that need to be done regularly. Read More...

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