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7 Possible Reasons Why Your Cat is Always Thirsty

Have you noticed a change in your cat’s drinking habits lately? Has she been drinking more water than usual? If you answered YES to both questions, read on! One of the reasons below might lead you to find out why your cat is always thirsty.  As a reminder, this Waldo’s Friends blog post is only Read More...

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8 Ways to Get Your Foster Pets Adopted

COVID-19 has kept us stuck in our homes for months, and because of this, there has been a surprising surge of animal adoptions and fostering taking place across the globe. Shelters have happily passed on animals to people who have always wanted to own or care for pets but just never had the time. Meanwhile, Read More...

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Stumped about what to send over to your loved ones this yuletide season? Whether you’re filled with the spirit of Christmas or just thinking of ways to show others that you care, we here at Waldo’s Friends have the perfect gift suggestions for you! Our ultimate holiday gift guide rounds up 110 carefully curated presents Read More...

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