Can Dogs Eat Carrots?

The short answer: Yes.

The long answer: Carrots can be consumed by dogs as a nutritious, low-calorie snack or mixed into their meal. High in fiber and vitamin A, this vegetable also helps with a dog’s dental hygiene by acting as an all-natural chew toy.

How to feed carrots to your dog: Before feeding it to your dog, thoroughly wash it to remove dirt, take out the stem and leaves, and peel it. Serve it raw or cooked and in bite-sized pieces to prevent choking. Frozen pieces can be served to puppies to ease their teething discomfort.  

Here are three ideas for carrot treats your dog will love:

  1. Turn it into a healthy and refreshing drink by juicing it and placing it in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving it to your pup.
  2. Create homemade dog crackers by baking carrot juice pulp with a small amount of flaxseed.
  3. Add some flavor to your carrot sticks by boiling them in water with chicken stock for a treat your dog won’t be able to resist.

In summary: A great source of beta carotene, carrots can be served to your dogs to help improve their vision, metabolism, and coat. However, before adding carrots to your dog’s  regular diet, make sure to discuss things with your vet.

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