My Crafty Dog

Live love rescue cotton tote1
  • Live love rescue cotton tote1
  • dog mum car decal
  • Customised pet food bowl
  • crazy cat lady tote
  • adopt laptop sticker

Short Description

MyCraftyDog is a social enterprise dedicated to helping promote pet rescue and adoption. We pledge that at least 50% of profits go back to supporting rescue groups. Our products are designed and handmade in Melbourne, Australia. We believe that too many dogs are euthanised in Australia. Our purpose is to help reduce that number by promoting foster and adoption, supporting and raising funds for rescue. Whilst our aims are serious we also wish to celebrate the joy and fun that rescue dogs bring to our lives.


  • Collection: Adopt don't shop
  • Materials: 100% cotton and top quality professional grade vinyl provided by local Australian businesses
  • Status: For sale
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Main Features

  • We specialise in our ability to personalise our products and tailor our design to suit our animal loving customers.
  • Our range of handmade ADOPT ME™ products are specifically tailored to foster carers and animal shelters, and designed to grab attention at special events like adoption days and photo shoots.

MyCraftyDog is run by me – Lizzie – a lifelong dedicated animal lover who grew up with rescue dogs and when I first moved to Australia I started volunteering at my local animal shelter. Within a year I started to foster dogs, some for only a short period of time and then along came Iggy.

Iggy was a gorgeous 8-month-old kelpie and just a bundle of excitable energy. He was loving and gentle and inside the house was the perfect boy.  Outside of the house however it was a completely different story. My desire to help Iggy led me to become a certified dog trainer and to seek out the help of other trainers and behaviourists.  It also led me down the path to “foster failure” as fostering turned into us adopting Iggy. He became part of our family.

Unfortunately, with Iggy’s issues fostering no longer was an option, however, my desire to help other abandoned dogs only grew. This journey let me to start our range of handmade ADOPT ME™ products, specifically designed to grab attention and get more adoptions lightning fast. Our range of products has expanded from there, all with the aim to promote fostering and adoption and to help financially support rescue groups.

Two years ago, by chance a call out from a foster carer a few days before Christmas had me out of bed and driving to find a cat and a newly born kittens in a closed cardboard box. My husband and I and our two young children have all now become foster carers and we have since saved the lives of more than 20 cats and kittens.