LickiMat® Soother™ Lick Mats for Cats


100% of profits from this item’s sale will be donated to cat rescue shelters.

These LickiMat® Soother™ enrichment lick mats perfect replacements for your cat’s feeding bowl – while promoting slow feeding to get rid of any anxiety or stress.

The mats are designed to promote pleasurable licking for cats, which helps release saliva – a win win situation for feeding time and your cat’s dental health.

Here’s why we’re big fans of these slow feeder Soother mats:

  • they’re made from non-toxic food grade PET and TPR
  • they’re safe in the freezer and dishwasher
  • they help calm your cat as licking promotes endorphins that soothe any anxiety
  • they’re great for serving treats!
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Cat enrichment lick mats are great for feed times as they keep your cat happily engaged with different food and mat textures. Some easy ideas for cat enrichment meals to try with these LickiMat® Soother™ Lick Mats include foods like:

  • pureed pumpkin
  • peanut butter
  • xylitol-free plain sugar free yogurt
  • tuna tubes
  • minced meats
  • kale
  • shredded carrots

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